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Sterling Leather Treatment

Leather is a natural product that is permeable. That is why keeping your leather clean and treated is important to extend the life and keep your leather pliable and looking good.

Our leather conditioner restores natural moisture to your leather and leaves it looking great and smelling like new leather.

Our conditioner does not contain wax which seals leather preventing it from absorbing natural oils but still water proofs your leather.


Shipping: $10 (single) $16 (double)

LLC Leather Care Conditioner

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Vacuum leather and wipe clean with 1 gallon warm water with 2 drops of dish soap. Conditioner can be applied to damp or dry leather.

Apply sparingly above 15 degrees Celsius with a clean terry towel. Allow to soak for 15 minutes. Areas that are dry can be blended with areas still moist or apply more to dry areas. After 15 minutes, buff with a new terry towel.

Tip: Store terry towel used for application in Ziploc bag or air tight container for reuse.


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Happy Customers


Treated one of my short chaps and compared it to untreated. Night and day difference. Looks better, feels better and smells better. Overall I am 110% satisfied! Look for my order in the next couple of days!

Left one done (top), right one not. Extremely impressed! Smells great,too!

Sharon McNeil

This product is amazing! Makes my leather shoes and purses look brand new!

Anita D

After more than 10 years of smoking in my vehicle, 2 good treatments on my leather interior with LLC made it smell like a brand new car! Love this product!!

– KS

My business is creating new items using 'previously loved' leather. I have been using this great product for over a year. It truly breathes new life into old leather!

– JazzedUp

Amazing product, I’m incredibly tough on shoes and this turned my leather heels from ragged to looking brand new in two uses!

– Drew

I used LLC on my 20 year old couch and loveseat. They now look,feel and smell like new! Great product!

– Kevin John

Do not use on Suede.

We are confident in our product and offer a 100% refund if not satisfied.

Made in Canada.

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